The online shop of furnishing paintings for exclusive environments

Kuader production reality has over 20 years of experience in the production of high quality prints and paintings. Each work is handcrafted in the laboratory in Italy, in the province of Turin by expert craftsmen.
Our proprietary technologies of preparation and printing allow us to create works of the highest level for customers looking for a product of value that lasts over time.


Single or large scale

Kuader has state-of-the-art systems and an optimized production process to meet every request in numerical terms.

Kuader serves both private customers and resellers in Italy, Europe and the United States. Our production organization and flexibility allows us to produce both on a small and large scale according to the needs of the market.


The creations on Kuader are made by expert designers always looking for new trends and novelties. There are also countless works by famous painters and photographs to better meet the demands of customers.

Our graphic studio can also create customized works or unique designs on customer request.